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Evaluation of Degraded Human DNA Samples Using the Illumina® Global Screening Array

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posted on 2021-01-22, 20:00 authored by David RussellDavid Russell, Carmen Reedy, Elayna Moreithi, Christina Neal, Stephen TurnerStephen Turner, Mary Heaton
For this study, genomic DNA was experimentally degraded using ultraviolet C (UV-C) light at defined intervals up to 1.0 J/cm2. Samples were quantified pre- and post-treatments and typed using GlobalFiler™ to confirm degradation. The STR profiles coupled with the Degradation Index (DI) from the quant method demonstrated that as the dosage increased, so too did the amount of degradation (quantified via visual pattern in the profile and increase in DI). Five (5) samples expressing specific degradation patterns based on STR results were selected for genome-wide SNP genotyping, in duplicate, on the iScan to evaluate the performance of the Infinium Global Screening Array in its ability to accurately type LCN degraded DNA sample types


This work is supported by Signature Science, LLC through the Center for Advanced Genomics.