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Developing and using the Neuroimaging and Data Sharing Data Model: the NIDASH Working Group

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posted on 12.10.2017, 15:21 authored by David Keator, Satrajit GhoshSatrajit Ghosh, Camille MaumetCamille Maumet, Guillaume Flandin, Nolan Nichols, Thomas NicholsThomas Nichols, Gully Burns, Rüdiger Brüehl, Cameron Craddock, Blaise Frederick, Krzysztof Gorgolewski, Daniel Marcus, Michael Hanke, Christian Haselgrove, Karl Helmer, Arno Klein, Michael Milham, Russell Poldrack, Franck Michel, Jason Steffener, Yannick Schwartz, Rich Stoner, Jessica Turner, David Kennedy, Jean-Baptiste Poline
Poster submitted to the 2014 Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) conference in Hamburg, 8-12 June.


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