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posted on 2017-03-04, 22:09 authored by Joan CampanyaJoan Campanya

Solar storms can disturb the Earth's geomagnetic field, producing induced electric fields (IEF) and geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) at the Earth’s surface that can cause interruptions in electrical power distribution networks. The large associated economic costs of these events can be reduced by accurately modelling and monitoring IEF and GIC, which are dependent on solar activity and the geology beneath the power transmission network. This research aims to develop and implement a new methodology for modelling and monitoring Earth’s surface electric and magnetic fields. We propose to model IEF using magnetic data from permanent magnetic observatories, and once-off geophysical measurements made at locations of interest. A prior analysis is presented evaluating the potential of the proposed methodology showing, from synthetic results, the influence of subsurface geology on the surface electric and magnetic fields. Results will be used to improve the prediction of GIC and reduce the impact of solar storms in Ireland and UK.


EPSPD/2016/22, Irish Research Council