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Bibliometrics as a pathway to research strategies at the Masaryk University

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posted on 2017-11-27, 14:01 authored by Michal Petr, Monika Sieberova
Prioritizing quantity of publications over quality by many researchers is an unintended effect of the national evaluation in Czech Republic. Simple journal-level indicators behind the evaluation procedures over-simplify the complex view at research performance. Many research organizations accepted these indicators for internal analysis and assessment of the quality of research.
In opposition to this trend, Masaryk University progressed in implementing qualified bibliometrics with professional tools and approaches into decision-making procedures and strategies at all levels.
In the poster, we demonstrate sample analyses and their outputs at the Masaryk University, especially the exercise of identifying research excellence and focus areas. We used two approaches. Firstly, “bottom-up” approach, deduction of impactful research topics by analysing citation data in the whole publication record together with a validation of highly cited publications of MU authors in their other production. Besides this, we unsuccessfully tested application of CWTS microfields for identifying impactful topics by pre-defined keywords.
As a “top-down” approach, we reviewed and consulted results of our analysis with vice-deans for research before making final decision. Results of both approaches matched very well. Identification of excellent research topics is now being used for official university marketing and web presentation. University environment accepted bibliometrics stepwise as a useful research-supporting tool and accepted emphasis on individual excellence. Important discussions started about research performance and demand for further bibliometric monitoring. The most progressive result is that professional bibliometrics will be part of newly designed internal research evaluation.