pidapalooza 2018 talk.pdf

2018-01-23T13:48:07Z (GMT) by Tom Gillespie
What are the challenges and opportunities of designing promulgating your own persistent identifiers? For the last 3 years we have been actively providing, resolving, and promulgating Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs). Come to hear tales the woes and triumphs of managing a persistent identifier system and wrangling PIDs in the wild! Learn what you need to do early on to avoid becoming a victim of your own success! We will recount our lessons learned from building the RRID system and working with editors, publishers, users, and developers. We will use these lessons as the basis for lively conversation about common challenges that face any PID system. Finally we will explore opportunities for overcoming common challenges (such as crawling the literature) facing many members of PID community.