pUL11 reduces the activation of T cells.

<p>Jurkat T cells were either untreated or preincubated with 800nM UL11Fc (TB40), UL11Fc (Merlin) and the Fc control protein (A) or UL11Fc (TB40) and the Fc control protein (B, C and D) and then stimulated with an anti-TCR antibody for the indicated times. Activation of TCR signalling was detected by immunoblotting using phospho-specific antibodies; (A) overall tyrosine phosphorylation, (B) TCR ζ-chain Y142 phosphorylation, (C) ZAP-70 Y319 phosphorylation and (D) PLCγ Y738 and LAT Y171 phosphorylation. Quantification of the phospho-specific signals was performed for panels B)-D) and is shown normalised to untreated, unstimulated cells, correlated with loading control intensity.</p>