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Techniques For Inspection of Interaction Models

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posted on 2019-10-15, 19:47 authored by Adriana DamianAdriana Damian, Williamson Silva, Anna Beatriz Marques, Simone BarbosaSimone Barbosa, Tayana Conte

This technical report describes two inspection techniques for different interaction models, called MoLVERIC Cards (MCards) and MoLVERIC Check (MCheck). MCards employs gamification elements to motivate professionals during the inspection. MCheck uses a checklist to guide the inspection. We also describe developed items for verification of the interaction models with the purpose of evaluating their consistency with the system user scenario. These items can be instantiated for other interaction modeling languages, as long as the elements have the same purpose in the interaction modeling. In addition, this technical report describes the material used to support the experimental studies of the two inspection techniques for different interaction models, including the participants’ perceptions about techniques.