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Development of Intelligent Traffic Control System by Implementing Fuzzy-logic Controller in Labview and Measuring Vehicle Density by Image Processing Tool in Labview

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posted on 2016-12-28, 15:04 authored by Viral Patel, Maitri Patel
we have described a whole new approach of rationalization of existing traffic control systems by means of Fuzzy logic based control system and Vision sensors based vehicle counting method. As Conventional traffic control systems are inefficient because they provide fixed time-delay though no vehicle is present in that lane. So it results in congestion of vehicles on the adjacent side. And it generates the Noise and Air pollution, which is undesirable and not favorable. In an Intelligent traffic control system (ITCS), vision sensors will measure the number of vehicles on arrival as well as on queue side, and fuzzy logic rule based system will provide the rational time-delay, which is dependent on vehicle density on both arrival and queue side. So it will give zero delays if no vehicle is present in that lane. So ITCS works with intelligence given by the Fuzzy logic system.