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High-Throughput Sequencing of 5S-IGS in Fagus L. - Updated

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posted on 13.10.2021, 14:44 authored by Marco Cosimo SimeoneMarco Cosimo Simeone, Simone CardoniSimone Cardoni, Roberta PireddaRoberta Piredda, Thomas DenkThomas Denk, Guido GrimmGuido Grimm, Aristotelis C. PapageorgiouAristotelis C. Papageorgiou, Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Anna Scoppola, Parvin Salehi Shanjani, Yoshihisa Suyama, Nobuhiro Tomaru, James R.P. Worth
We perfomed HTS Illumina Sequencing of the nuclear 5S rDNA intergenic spacers to address taxonomy, diversity and evolution in the F. crenata-F. sylvatica s. str. lineage, with F. japonica as outgroup. The collected data detail the distribution of 5S divergent types pointing to deep polymorphism, allopolyploid origins, incomplete lineage sorting and reticulate evolution. A comparison with the most recent phylegenetic data from a recent paper (Jiang et al., 2021) is provided. The fileset also includes extended Materials & Methods, results, basic information on the produced data, mutiple alignments and phylogenetic results.


FZT 118:  German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

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