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From cornstalks to microspheric hydrochar adsorbent for efficient removal of mesotrione from water

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posted on 2020-09-14, 04:05 authored by yang jingminyang jingmin

The mesotrione was extensively applied in agriculture, which caused a series of environmental problems. The microspheric structure of hydrochar (HC) was synthesized via hydrothermal method with the cornstalk. The hydrochar displayed an extreme capacity for adsorption of mesotrione from aqueous solution. The adsorption capacity of hydrochar was higher compared with that of pyrolysed biochar. The initial pH of solution was important factor for adsorption. The adsorption data of mesotrione were further analyzed by Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin model, and the Langmuir model provided the best description of the adsorption process on mesotrione. This study demonstrated that the adsorption of mesotmrione onto hydrochar closely followed the quasi-second-order model, attributing to the "L-type" adsorption isotherm. The hydrochar has potential to create effective and energy-saving adsorbents to mesotrione relevant to reduce environmental pollution.