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Commerce des marchandises entre le Canada et l’Union européenne: un état des lieux avant l’AÉCG”

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posted on 17.04.2019, 13:21 by Thierry WarinThierry Warin, Aleksandar Stojkov
Canada and the European Union (EU) are preparing to ratify a trade agreement that can be described as historic. Canada will be the only economy in the world to have privileged access to the world's two largest economies, accounting for nearly 45% of global GDP: the EU and the United States. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is often defined as a second generation agreement, i.e. one that focuses more on the establishment of collaborative mechanisms than a simple free trade agreement. It will bring the Canadian and Quebec economies closer to the EU economy. The virtual elimination of tariff barriers and the significant reduction of non-tariff barriers will increase the competitiveness of Canadian companies in Europe.
This book is intended for researchers, managers and policy makers interested in Canada's and Quebec's trade profile with the European Union at the time of the CETA.


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