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Challenges and Opportunities for Data Sharing in Japan

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This white paper, published by Springer Nature, provides a novel, quantitative and qualitative perspective on open science in Japan in 2018. It summarises the findings of a survey with more than 1,000 researchers in Japan, looking at the challenges and opportunities for data sharing in the region. The underlying dataset of the survey is available openly on Figshare:

The related Infographic on challenges and opportunities for Japanese researchers is also available on Figshare:

The report also includes expert perspectives in the form of a summary of a roundtable discussion with key opinion leaders in the Japanese research community and representatives of major funding organisations, chaired by Springer Nature in Tokyo in 2018, and an interview with AMED, a funder of medical research in Japan, providing a more in-depth account of their innovative approach to sharing medical research data from rare diseases.

The survey and analysis builds on a previous 2017 survey of more than 7,000 researchers worldwide, regarding data sharing at the point of submitting an article for publication (see details of 'Practical challenges for researchers in data sharing' below). This 2018 survey aims to fill a gap in the previous work where relatively few responses were received from China and Japan.

Data were collected in online surveys conducted in English and Japanese in 2018. In total, 1,393 responses were received from active researchers (academic, scientific or clinical) in Japan.

Similar research was conducted in China in 2019 and summarised in an online white paper, linked below.