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An Early Career Investigator Community Vision for the Future NSF Geophysical Facility: Data Services Needs

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posted on 30.05.2020, 19:42 authored by Heather A. Ford, Michael Floyd, D. Sarah StampsD. Sarah Stamps, Manuel Mendoza, Ebru Bozdag, Daniel Bowden, Joseph Byrnes, Wenyuan Fan, Haiyang Kehoe, Estelle Chaussard, Nathaniel Lindsey, Songqiao Wei, C. Grace Barcheck, Timothy de Smet, Helen Janiszewski, Eric Lindsey, Jonathan MacCarthy, Kathryn Materna, Samer Naif, Daniel Evan Portner, Daniel Trugman, Ian Wang

This white paper has been developed based on a compilation of input from ~45 Early Career Investigators (ECIs) from various institutions who participated in the “Early Career Investigator Virtual Workshop on a Community Vision for the Future Geophysical Facility” held April 23-24, 2020 and 59 respondents to a follow-up survey for ECIs distributed via IRIS and UNAVCO list-servs. Our aim is to identify the critical Data Services that need to be within the scope of the future NSF Geophysical Facility such that scientific objectives determined by today’s ECIs can be met.


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