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Data for "Quantifying the individual impact of artificial barriers in freshwaters: a standardized and absolute genetic index of fragmentation "

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posted on 02.04.2020, 09:57 by Jérôme Prunier, Camille Poesy, Vincent Dubut, Charlotte Veyssiere, Geraldine Loot, Nicolas Poulet, Blanchet Simon
The "RawData.txt" provides raw datasets (as simulated in Quantinemo and processed in R) used for predictions of GDmax and for validation of the FINDEX. Each line stands for a simulated replicate ("Replicate") and provides (when applicable) the mutation rate ("Mutation"), the migration rate ("Migration"), the carrying capacity ("Ne"), the generation at which genetic samples were collected ("Generation"), the expected heterozygosity ("He") and the two measures of genetic differentiation "PhiST" and "GST2".

The "FINDEX_R-walkthrough.pdf" provides a step-by-step illustration of out to compute the standardized genetic index of fragmentation FINDEX in R.

The "FINDEXpackage.rda" file contains all the R-objects and functions required to compute the FINDEX.

The "Prunier2018_illustration.zip" file contains a parameter file and several genetic datasets: they are provided in an illustrative purpose, for users to test the FINDEX function.