nuclear SSR data

Nuclear genetic data of the samples used in the present study and obtained for the eleven nuclear microsatellite loci (J263, J315E, J522A, J116a, Ib297, J260A, J1809E, IbR16, IbC5, J544b, IbS11). Sheet 1 provides nuclear data of the samples collected in ex situ collections (in total 890 samples) and sheet 2, the genetic data obtained for the herbarium specimens (41 specimens in total). For hexaploids, we can obtain from 1 to 6 peaks or bands (6 alleles) per locus. Allelic composition (from allele 1 to allele 6) is then provided for each accession. The sheet 3 provides passeport data of all the accessions, referenced in the previous sheets 1 and 2 by their "Dryad number": - for ex situ samples (from line 1 to 891), it includes names of ex situ collections, full geographical origin data and local landrace names. - for herbarium specimens (from line 892 to line 933), it includes herbarium codes, geographical origin, dates of collection and collector names.