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Video S1 - Non-Invasive Brain-to-Brain Interface (BBI): Establishing Functional Links between Two Brains

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posted on 2013-04-03, 00:08 authored by Seung-Schik Yoo, Hyungmin Kim, Emmanuel Filandrianos, Seyed Javid Taghados, Shinsuk Park

The video recordings of BBI procedure. A volunteer (upper left panel) signaled the intention (stimulate the motor area of a rat brain) with a thumb movement (a green dot appearing on the screen). The increased amplitude of SSVEP triggered the operation of FUS neuromodulation of a rat under the anesthesia (upper left panel), which was subsequently created the animal’s tail movement. The lower panel shows the real-time recordings of volunteer’s attention, raw SSVEP signal, SSVEP signal filtered at 15 Hz, and the tail motion (from the top to the bottom row).