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posted on 2019-03-28, 20:47 authored by William Lo, Néstor Uribe-Patarroyo, Katharina Hoebel, Kathy Beaudette, Martin Villiger, Norman Nishioka, Benjamin Vakoc, Brett Bouma
Radiofrequency ablation monitoring using SNR-calibrated CDV in a clinical balloon catheter, demonstrating the ability to visualize the dynamics of the thermal coagulation process in porcine esophagus \emph{ex vivo}. The RFA therapy was configured with $V_{\text{RMS}}=20$~V at 500~kHz for 10~s. A region with increased CDV (purple) was observed at the center of the electrodes in the epithelium up to the lamina propria ($t=$~7--8~s) and eventually reaching slightly into the muscularis mucosa ($t=$~9--10~s). Imaging was performed until after the RF source was turned off at $t=$~10~s to illustrate the rapid decrease in CDV.