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The Rescue Project podcast: On Animals

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posted on 2021-08-30, 07:05 authored by Gretchen MillerGretchen Miller
In 'On Animals' we hear three short stories which capture deep interactions between humans and other creatures.
We spend some time at a wombat rehabilitation centre and meet the wombats themselves.
We hear about how a tiny kangaroo joey helped heal a family and community after unimaginable loss,
And we make the acquaintance of a very unusual bird for this part of the world – a southern giant petrel.

In this compilation, hear Lyn Obern read Mudsey’s rescue and happy ending,
June LePla read Dodo’s Story
and Dorothy Henderson read Why we don’t have Mondays anymore.

The Rescue Project podcast, is conceived and designed by Gretchen Miller.
Sound design by Gretchen Miller and Judy Rapley.
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Research Training Project scholarship through the Australian Government.

Supported in kind by Landcare Australia.