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Supplementary Video 1 from Suction feeding by elephants

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posted on 21.05.2021, 03:22 authored by Andrew K. Schulz, Jia Ning Wu, Sung Yeon Sara Ha, Greena Kim, Stephanie Braccini Slade, Sam Rivera, Joy S. Reidenberg, David L. Hu
Techniques for grabbing small (16 mm) and large (32 mm) rutabaga cubes. In the first video, the small cubes fly towards the trunk as suction is heard audibly. In the second video, the 32 mm cubes are too large for suction and the elephant grabs them one by one. Both videos played in real time. The whistle sound is made by the zoo curator to communicate to the elephant to begin the task. Videos have audio demonstrating the onset of suction. Note the mucus trails left behind by the trunk.


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