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Still frame of a ~3 day old zebrafish blood flow at a single phase

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posted on 27.04.2018, 19:28 by Vytautas Zickus, Jonathan M. Taylor
Still frame of depth-resolved (3D-2C) Particle Image Velocimetry analysis results using OpenPIV on Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy data of the flow of fluorescent Red Blood Cells (gata:DsRed) in a ~3 days post fertilization zebrafish embryo heart (focus on the atrium). Flow results obtained using correlation averaging by using optical gating techniques. A single plane of raw data is shown to aid visualization. The vectors are scaled to the square root of their magnitudes to better reveal the dynamic range of the blood flow velocities. Acquisition parameters: Laser pulse length: 1ms Inter-pulse time: 1.5ms z-step: 8um Camera pixel binning: 2x2 Effective pixel size (at 20x): 0.3225um OpenPIV parameters: Small Interrogation Window size (LxH): 24x24 Big Interrogation Window size (LxH): 72x48 Peak-to-peak threshold: 1.07 Mask size: 7x7 pixels Animals were maintained according to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, United Kingdom. The fish were the larvae were anaesthetized with 168mg/L solution of Tricaine Methanesulfonate throughout the experiments. Visualized with Mayavi.