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Robustly Superhydrophobic Conductive Textile for Efficient Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

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posted on 2018-12-06, 00:00 authored by Li-Chuan Jia, Guoqiang Zhang, Ling Xu, Wen-Jin Sun, Gan-Ji Zhong, Jun Lei, Ding-Xiang Yan, Zhong-Ming Li
Superhydrophobic electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding textile (EMIST) is of great significance to the safety and long-term service of all-weather outdoor equipment. However, it is still challenging to achieve long-term durability and stability under external mechanical deformations or other harsh service conditions. Herein, by designing and implementing silver nanowire (AgNW) networks and a superhydrophobic coating onto a commercial textile, we demonstrate a highly robust superhydrophobic EMIST. The resultant EMIST shows a synergy of high water contact angle (160.8°), low sliding angle (2.9°), and superior EMI shielding effectiveness (51.5 dB). Remarkably, the EMIST still maintains its superhydrophobic feature and high EMI shielding level (42.6 dB) even after 5000 stretching-releasing cycles. Moreover, the EMIST exhibits strong resistance to ultrasonic treatment up to 60 min, peeling test up to 100 cycles, strong acidic/alkaline solutions, and different organic solvents, indicating its outstanding mechanical robustness and chemical durability. These attractive features of the EMIST are mainly a result of the joint action of AgNWs, carbon nanotubes, polytetrafluoroethylene nanoparticles, and fluoroacrylic polymer. This work offers a promising approach for the design of future durable, superhydrophobic EMISTs, which are capable of remaining fully functional against long-time exposure to extreme conditions, for example, wet and corrosive environments.