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Realizing Dynamic Diffraction Gratings Based on Light-Direct Writing of Responsive 2D Ordered Patterns

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posted on 2020-08-14, 18:11 authored by Luzhi Zhang, Guotao Sun, Jing Bai, Xiaodong Ma, Jie Yin, Qingkang Wang, Xuesong Jiang
A dynamic diffraction grating (DDG) can realize on-demand in-situ regulation of light diffraction and is highly necessary in the next-generation optical devices; however, its fabrication remains challenging because of difficulties in generating a responsive pattern in the bulk material or on the surface. In this study, a facile and general approach to construct DDG is developed based on the near-infrared radiation (NIR)-driven responsive 2D ordered surface pattern, which is fabricated by light-direct writing of wrinkles on a thin film of a photosensitive supramolecular polymer network comprised of a copolymer containing amino groups, anthracene carboxylic acid (ANA), and carbon nanotubes. The resulting surface pattern, which exhibits a height dependence on the NIR irradiation, can be used as the DDG whose optical diffraction can be regulated in-situ by NIR. Furthermore, because of the presence of a reversible ANA photodimer and hydrogen bonding in the supramolecular network, the patterned surface can be erased and rewritten by UV light with different wavelengths and self-healed by NIR irradiation. The results demonstrate a simple strategy for DDGs that will have a broad application in the fields of optics, electronics, and intelligent sensing.