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Projecting the future levelized cost of electricity storage technologies : animation - excl PHES and CAES

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posted on 09.01.2019, 15:00 by Oliver Schmidt, Sylvain Melchior, Adam D. Hawkes, Iain Staffell
Corresponding paper: O. Schmidt, S. Melchior, A. Hawkes, I. Staffell. Projecting the future levelized cost of electricity storage technologies. Joule (2018).

Link to the paper:

Animation displays technologies with lowest LCOS relative discharge duration and annual cycle requirements for 7 electricity storage technologies by month from 2015 to 2030.

Circled numbers represent the requirements of 12 distinct applications introduced in Table 1 of the corresponding publication: 1 - Energy Arbitrage, 2 - Primary Response, 3 - Secondary Response, 4 - Tertiary Response, 5 - Peaker Replacement, 6 - Black Start, 7 - Seasonal Storage, 8 - T&D Investment Deferral, 9 - Congestion Management, 10 - Bill Management, 11 - Power Quality, 12 - Power Reliability.

Colours represent technologies with lowest LCOS. Shading indicates how much higher the LCOS of the second most cost-efficient technology is; meaning lighter areas are contested between at least two technologies, while darker areas indicate a strong cost advantage of the prevalent technology. White spaces mean LCOS of at least two technologies differ by less than 5%.

The modelled electricity price is 50 US$/MWh.

Please see the paper for a full analysis and discussion of the results.


IDLES programme (EP/R045518/1); PhD funding of Grantham Institute at Imperial College London