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Near atomic resolution structures of the VZV ectodomain derived by cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography in the absence of antibody.

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posted on 07.01.2021, 19:26 by Stefan L. Oliver, Yi Xing, Dong-Hua Chen, Soung Hun Roh, Grigore D. Pintilie, David A. Bushnell, Marvin H. Sommer, Edward Yang, Andrea Carfi, Wah Chiu, Ann M. Arvin

This movie compares the cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography structures of VZV gB. The cryo-EM map of native, full-length VZV gB constrained to C3 symmetry (3.9Å; EMDB 22629) and the model starts with the three protomers highlighted as white, blue and green. The white protomer transitions to colored domains; DI (cyan), DII (green), DIII (yellow), DIV (orange), DV (red) and linker regions (hot pink). A segmentation of the cryo-EM map is performed at fusion loop one to demonstrate the sidechain resolvability of gB W180 and Y185, which were absent in the X-ray crystallography structure of VZV gB (2.4Å; PDB 6VLK). The complete X-ray crystallography struture (grey) is compared to the cryo-EM derived model of VZV gB.