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Multifunctional Aramid Nanofiber/Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Aerogel Films

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posted on 20.12.2019, 13:05 by Peiying Hu, Jing Lyu, Chen Fu, Wen-bin Gong, Jianhe Liao, Weibang Lu, Yongping Chen, Xuetong Zhang
Lightweight, robust, and thin aerogel films with multifunctionality are highly desirable to meet the technological demands of current society. However, fabrication and application of these multifunctional aerogel films are still significantly underdeveloped. Herein, we demonstrate a multifunctional aerogel film composed of strong aramid nanofibers (ANFs), conductive carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and hydrophobic fluorocarbon (FC) resin. The obtained hybrid aerogel film exhibits large specific surface area (232.8 m2·g–1), high electrical conductivity (230 S·m–1), and excellent hydrophobicity (contact angle of up to 137.0°) with exceptional Joule heating performance and supreme electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding efficiency. The FC coating renders the hydrophilic ANF/CNT aerogel films hydrophobic, resulting in an excellent self-cleaning performance. The high electrical conductivity enables a low-voltage-driven Joule heating property and an EMI shielding effectiveness (SE) of 54.4 dB in the X-band at a thickness of 568 μm. The specific EMI SE is up to 33528.3 dB·cm2·g–1, which is among the highest values of typical metal-, conducting-polymer-, or carbon-based composites. This multifunctional aerogel film holds great promise for smart garments, electromagnetic wave shielding, and personal thermal management systems.