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Modulation of Interfacial Adhesion Using Semicrystalline Shape-Memory Polymers

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posted on 2022-03-09, 17:33 authored by Soyoun Kim, Sanjay Lakshmanan, Jinhai Li, Mitchell Anthamatten, John Lambropoulos, Alexander A. Shestopalov
Semicrystalline shape-memory elastomers are molded into deformable geometrical features to control adhesive interactions between elastomers and a glass substrate. By mechanically and thermally controlling the deformation and phase-behavior of molded features, we can control the interfacial contact area and the interfacial adhesive force. Results indicate that elastic energy is stored in the semicrystalline state of deformed features and can be released to break attractive interfacial forces, automatically separating the glass substrate from the elastomer. Our findings suggest that the shape-memory elastomers can be applied in various contact printing applications to control adhesive forces and delamination mechanics during ink pickup and transfer.