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Etch, stitch: I am a colonial subject

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posted on 2020-07-16, 10:06 authored by Louise Gwenneth PhillipsLouise Gwenneth Phillips, Deanna Borland-Sentinella, Alice Owen

Ever wondered who you really are? Where are your roots? Where do you belong? As a white Australian female artivist I trouble belonging in the colonised nation Australia interrogating my identity and locatedness through embodied entangled understandings of belonging/displacement through diffractive spoken word performance. This is one work in a collective performance titled Stories of Belonging created by six Black & White artist/researchers (Tracey Bunda (Ngugi and Wakka Wakka woman), Robyn Heckenberg (Wiradjuri woman), Kim Snepvangers, Louise Phillips, Lexi Lasczik, Ali Black).


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