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Digital Electrophoresis of Charged Droplets

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posted on 19.02.2016, 11:46 by Do Jin Im, Byeong Sun Yoo, Myung Mo Ahn, Dustin Moon, In Seok Kang
A digital microfluidic system based on a direct electric charging and subsequent electrophoretic manipulation of droplets is made by simple fabrication at low cost. Digitally controlled two-dimensional droplet motions are realized by digital polarity control of an array of electrodes. By independent control of droplets and colorimetric detection, the coalescence and mixing of droplets is analyzed quantitatively. The gelation of sodium alginate and the crystallization of calcium carbonate by multiple droplet translations and coalescence and the actuation of glassy carbon beads are demonstrated to show the versatile manipulation capability of the proposed technology. Finally, we discuss the implications and potentials of the present technology.