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Controlled CCVD Synthesis of Robust Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Films

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posted on 2008-05-01, 00:00 authored by Niina Halonen, Krisztián Kordás, Geza Tóth, Tero Mustonen, Jani Mäklin, Jouko Vähäkangas, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Robert Vajtai
The emerging interest toward applications of robust highly aligned carbon nanotube forests requires synthesis of such films in a controlled manner. In this paper, the growth mechanism and influence of growth parameters on the structural properties of multiwalled carbon nanotube films grown by catalytic chemical vapor deposition on SiO2 surfaces are investigated. The experimental studies are complemented with computational finite element simulations of temperature and flow fields in the reactor to have a better understanding on tailored synthesis. Film thickness, mass, density, purity, alignment, and nanotube size distribution data were assessed as a function of several growth parameters by electron microscopy and electron and X-ray diffraction techniques.