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Art and Artists in Climate Justice

posted on 02.11.2020, 18:31 authored by Kendall Mar, Kenza Vanderbroeck, Malory OwenMalory Owen, cj lortiecj lortie
As climate change continues to grow and impact our world, so does the response from activists across the world. Climate justice activists take many forms and employ many strategies to effect change in policy of or public opinion on greenhouse gas emissions. Through York University's Academic Innovation Fund dedicated to creating open source, publicly available course content, we've created 6 video segments interviewing grassroots climate justice activists from Toronto, a city with many climate justice organizations and efforts. Here we interview Kenza Vandenbroeck (Instagram: @moon__beam) and Kendall Mar (Instagram: @kandykaym), two grassroots organizers whose art is an extension of their activism. We'll talk about the different ways art can influence our world, how to make effective art for social change, and what it's like to be an artist in a world of environmental challenges. You can watch the live-recorded Zoom video interviews or read the transcripts recorded in Summer 2020.


York University Academic Innovation Fund