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Video of typical real colour and heat images during an anaphylaxis imaging experiment.

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posted on 2016-03-10, 09:52 authored by Krisztina Manzano-Szalai, Isabella Pali-Schöll, Durga Krishnamurthy, Caroline Stremnitzer, Ingo Flaschberger, Erika Jensen-Jarolim

The visual monitoring of temperature changes of 4 mice in an imaging cage in a movie. Besides the heat camera pictures the real colour images are shown in the upper right corner. In the heat pictures, areas of highest temperature are shown in red, areas of lower temperatures in yellow, green and lowest in blue. Four mice, A, B, C, D, were simultaneously challenged with different antigens and monitored during 20 minutes. A, top left: mouse sensitized with alum-casein, challenged with PBS; B, top right: untreated, challenged with PBS; C, bottom left: sensitized with alum-casein, challenged with irrelevant antigen; D, bottom right: sensitized with alum-casein, and challenged with casein. Immediately after challenge with the specific antigen a decline in physical activity can be observed in mouse D only. This is followed with some delay by a drop of the surface body temperature, visualized by colour changes from red—yellow–green—blue during the observation period. Mouse D recovered from the anaphylaxis after 1 hour.