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Additional file 4 of Syndecan-4/PAR-3 signaling regulates focal adhesion dynamics in mesenchymal cells

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posted on 19.08.2020 by Alejandra Valdivia, Areli Cárdenas, Marianne Brenet, Horacio Maldonado, Milene Kong, Jorge Díaz, Keith Burridge, Pascal Schneider, Alejandra San Martín, Rafael García-Mata, Andrew F. G. Quest, Lisette Leyton
Additional file 4. Movie S3. siCTRL+TRAIL-R2-Fc. Time lapse video of control FA disassembly. siControl-transfected DI TNC1 cells were co-transfected with mCherry-vinculin for 48 h and then incubated with 10 μM Nocodazole for 4 h. The Nocodazole was removed, and the samples were recorded for 30 min during treatment with TRAIL-R2-Fc.


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