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Additional file 2: of Aortic flow patterns and wall shear stress maps by 4D-flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance in the assessment of aortic dilatation in bicuspid aortic valve disease

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posted on 2018-04-26, 05:00 authored by José Rodríguez-Palomares, Lydia Dux-Santoy, Andrea Guala, Raquel Kale, Giuliana Maldonado, Gisela Teixidó-Turà, Laura Galian, Marina Huguet, Filipa Valente, Laura Gutiérrez, Teresa González-Alujas, Kevin Johnson, Oliver Wieben, David García-Dorado, Arturo Evangelista
Systolic flow in a RN-BAV patient. Systolic flow in a RN-BAV patient, showing a posterior outflow jet that shifts anteriorly in the mid and distal ascending aorta. (AVI 3996 kb)


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