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posted on 2019-10-24, 17:25 authored by Miguel Ángel GandarillasMiguel Ángel Gandarillas

The present study investigates child-rearing practices among Hispanics, and their effect on the attitudes on self and relevant social figures. For that purpose, the EMBU and the Semantic differential of SELF, FATHER, and MOTHER, and PEOPLE were administrated to two samples, one of Hispanics and another of Anglo-Americans. The results suggest that, contrarily to what the literature indicates, there are not differences in child-rearing practices between Hispanics and Anglo-Americans. Also, child-rearing practices seem to significantly affect the concepts of self and parents in Anglo-Americans, but not in Hispanics. It is recommended that professionals in the applied social field not misjudge parent-child relationships of Hispanic families based on non-reliable stereotypes, and that they concentrate not only on child-rearing styles, but also on other social problems such as poverty or unemployment when dealing with emotional problems in the Hispanic community.