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Городище біля села Пекарі в урочищі Заводище

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posted on 15.01.2015, 22:28 by Artem BorysovArtem Borysov

Борисов А. В. Міста Давньої Русі. Збірка наукових праць пам’яті А. В. Кузи. — К.: «Стародавній Світ», 2014. — 532 с. + 2 с. вкл. - с.460-469

A. Borysov


This hillfort is part of defensive line Old Rus. It located in the lower reach of the river Ross. This monument located on the higher left bank of the river. Total area of hillfort aggregate 3,5 hectare. The main body of hillfort is 0,91 hectare. This hillfort constitute of two fortified line (it means rampart and ditch outside). Pekaris hillfort has two fortification lines. In the monument revealed materials Bronze Age (Kaniv group of monuments of culture Middle Dnipro culture), of Old Rus (XI-XII century), Late Middle Ages and burial Scythian period.

This hillfort mapped the second half of the XIX century. Archaeological work began V. G. Petrenko 1963. Research carried out during 1970-2012. Location monument near the mouth Ross associates it with chronicle Rodney. The archaeological materials not allow reliable identification hillfort in ur. Zavodysche with chronicle Rodney. In the monument was find insignificant materials of XI-XII century. The cultural layer has a few find and has a small footprint. The facts point to a small number of people or a short time of existence this settlement.

It is necessary to continue archaeological research of the hillfort and its neighborhood for expansion the problem of identifying the chronicle Rodney. The important tasks during next investigation for exact dating are following: a) mapping instrumental plan of hillfort; b) research remainders of fortification; c) searching of archaeological objects.


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