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“Turn-Off” Supramolecular Fluorescence Array Sensor for Heavy Metal Ion Identification

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posted on 2021-11-10, 18:34 authored by Qin Wang, Kai-Ni Wei, Shu-Zhen Huang, Qing Tang, Zhu Tao, Ying Huang
A “turn-off” supramolecular fluorescence array sensor based on the host–guest complexes between fluorescence dyes and cucurbit­[n]­urils for sensing metal ions was developed. Three fluorescent probes (RhB@Q[7], H33342@2Q[7], and BRE@Q[7]) were used as the sensing units to construct a supramolecular fluorescence array sensor. The binding ability of the metal ions and cucurbituril-dye probes varied; therefore, the probes and metal ions produced different fluorescence responses. When combined with linear discriminant analysis (LDA), the qualitative and quantitative detection of seven metal ions was achieved. In analytical samples, the supramolecular fluorescence array sensor recognized and distinguish seven metal ions. These results provided new research ideas for the rapid analysis and real-time monitoring of different heavy metal ions.