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(Supplement to Figure 3). TKN2 mediates the increased morphogenesis in CLAU- and LA-deficient backgrounds—leaflet quantification.

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posted on 2021-04-26, 17:45 authored by Alon Israeli, Yogev Burko, Sharona Shleizer-Burko, Iris Daphne Zelnik, Noa Sela, Mohammad R. Hajirezaei, Alisdair R. Fernie, Takayuki Tohge, Naomi Ori, Maya Bar

(A-E) Quantification of leaf complexity upon overexpression of TKN2-SRDX in the background of CLAU and LA deficiency. Graphs represent mean ± SE of at least three independent biological repeats. (A) Stacked bars of total leaflet number split into leaflet types, bars = SE. Asterisks indicate significant differences of the total leaflet number from the background genotype (without TKN2-SRDX overexpression) in an unpaired two-tailed t-test with Welch’s correction, p≤0.0335. (B-E) Graphs representing each leaflet type separately. Statistical significance of differences was examined in a one-way ANOVA, p<0.0001 (C-E). Different letters indicate significant differences between samples in a two-tailed t-test (B,C,E) or a Tukey post hoc test (D), (B) p = ns (no significant differences), (C) p<0.0249, (D) p<0.0052, (E) p<0.049.