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α-Azido Bisphosphonates: Synthesis and Nucleotide Analogues

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journal contribution
posted on 2011-06-17, 00:00 authored by Brian T. Chamberlain, Thomas G. Upton, Boris A. Kashemirov, Charles E. McKenna
The first examples of α-azido bisphosphonates [(RO)2P(O)]2CXN3 (1, R = i-Pr, X = Me; 2, R = i-Pr, X = H; 3, R = H, X = Me; 4, R = H, X = H) and corresponding β,γ-CXN3 dGTP (56) and α,β-CXN3 dATP (78) analogues are described. The individual diastereomers of 7 (7a/b) were obtained by HPLC separation of the dADP synthetic precursor (14a/b).