Wikidata as a infrastructural backbone of scientific knowledge

2019-04-05T13:46:54Z (GMT) by Andra Waagmeester
Wikidata your public linked database on anything. Wikipedia exists in almost 300 language versions. To be accessible to all knowledge needs to be distributed over these different language versions. Programmatic access requires free text analysis. In my talk, I will introduce Wikidata, which is the linked database of the Wikimedia Foundation and as such a sister project of the different Wikipedia's. What Wikipedia is to text, Wikidata is to data. Public knowledge can be captured by anyone (humans and machines) for anyone (humans and machines). Instead of replicating the knowledge across different language, different language edition can now source from a single endpoint. Wikidata integrates well with the semantic web, which allows also integration outside the Wikipedia space.




CC BY 4.0