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Visions of the Everglades: History, Ecology, Preservation

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posted on 15.03.2017, 15:00 authored by Tommy RodriguezTommy Rodriguez
Curiosity has driven Tommy Rodriguez deep into the marshlands and swamps of sunny South Florida. Visions of the Everglades chronicles his experiences in the Florida Everglades. A sense of adventure compelled Rodriguez to take on the task of exploring and documenting its habitats in search of something new. What he found was an experience like no other. Apart from narrating those experiences, this illustrated book is meant to broaden Everglades awareness. Because of the recent environmental challenges facing this ecosystem, Rodriguez has taken it upon himself to educate the public about preservation and conservation efforts to restore Florida's Everglades.

His hope is that this book will serve as a launching board of interest in matters of ecosystem preservation and inspire individuals to get involved.


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