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Virtual Ballistic Projectile Simulation: Detached-Displacement Synthetic Hit Algorithm

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posted on 08.12.2018, 20:12 by Nyagudi Musandu NyagudiNyagudi Musandu Nyagudi
Marksman skills be they sniper rifle, pistol, etc. are highly perishable skill-sets. Continuous practice serves to awaken otherwise dormant reflexes and perfects targeting accuracy. Over the years with various challenges, e.g. gun-control by dictatorships etc., lack of access to shooting ranges or otherwise practice sessions in limited environments, have hampered many a keen marksman. Many improvised simulation tools add reality issues such as recoil and sound, but none in the open access domain give realistic ballistic challenges in train e.g. on issues such as Kentucky Windage, Ballistic Drop / Gravitational, Cross Winds, etc. The Open Access projectile simulators and those used to train infantry and law enforcement are static with no dynamic challenge in terms of forces acting on a simulated ballistic projectile once it departs from the muzzle. The methodology/algorithm/technique in this paper shall adjust a wide range of Laser simulators, etc. to give more realistic training on 7.62mm, 50 cal, and related long-range sniper shot simulators, but with it offers great promise in simulating more interesting projectiles e.g. short range pistol under intense wind conditions; 105mm, 155mm artillery shells; 84mm Carl Gustav, as well as all manner of ballistic projectiles.