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Unprecedented Examples of Heterobimetallic Cerium(IV) Disiloxanediolates

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posted on 01.10.2007, 00:00 by Stephan Giessmann, Steffen Blaurock, Volker Lorenz, Frank T. Edelmann
The first disiloxanediolate complexes of cerium(IV) are reported. Starting from the readily available precursor (tBuO)3CeIV(NO3)(THF)2 (1), we prepared the novel heterobimetallic compounds [{(Ph2SiO)2O}{K(THF)2}]2Ce(OtBu)2 (2) and [{(Ph2SiO)2O}2{(DME)-KOtBu}{(Ph2SiO2)K}Ce]2 (3) and structurally characterized them by X-ray diffraction.