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Unprecedented Complexation of Two Transition Metals to the Concave Surface of a Geodesic Polyarene:  {[Rh2(O2CCF3)4]3(dibenzo[a,g]corannulene)2}

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posted on 28.03.2005, 00:00 by Marina A. Petrukhina, Kristian W. Andreini, Vikki M. Tsefrikas, Lawrence T. Scott
X-ray structural characterization of the bowl-shaped dibenzo[a,g]corannulene, C28H14, and its first transition-metal complex, {[Rh2(O2CCF3)4]3(C28H14)2}, has been accomplished. The latter exhibits a novel one-dimensional extended structure based on the tridentate η2:η2:η2 rim coordination of dibenzo[a,g]corannulene. The large concave surface area of C28H14 allows for the first time two metal units to be endo-coordinated to a geodesic polyarene.