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Uniform Chiral Gap Synthesis for High Dissymmetry Factor in Single Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticle

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posted on 11.03.2020, 14:46 by Nam Heon Cho, Gi Hyun Byun, Yae-Chan Lim, Sang Won Im, Hyeohn Kim, Hye-Eun Lee, Hyo-Yong Ahn, Ki Tae Nam
Synthesis of chiral plasmonic materials has been highlighted for the last decades with their optical properties and versatile potential applications. Recently reported aqueous-based amino acid- and peptide-directed synthesis of chiral plasmonic gold nanoparticles with 432 point-group symmetry shows exceptionally high chiroptic response within 100 nm scales. Despite its already excellent chiroptic response, a single-nanoparticle dark field scattering study revealed that full chiroptic potential of chiral gold nanoparticle is limited with its overall synthetic uniformity. Based on this knowledge, we present a multi-chirality-evolution step synthesis method for the enhancement of chiroptic response through an increase in particle uniformity. Detailed time variant study and interrelationship study of reaction parameters allowed the systematic construction of design principles for chiral nanoparticles with exceptional chiroptic response. With the application of precisely controlled growth kinetic to two distinct growth regimes, modified chiral gold nanoparticles showed significantly improved uniformity, achieving an improved dissymmetry factor of g = 0.31. We expect that our strategy will aid in precise morphology and property control for chiral nanomaterials, which can be used in various plasmonic metamaterial applications.