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Unification of Gauge Forces and Gravity using Tangled Vortex Knots

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posted on 15.04.2020, 02:56 by Mrittunjoy Guha MajumdarMrittunjoy Guha Majumdar
In this paper, the statistics of excitation-tangles in a postulated background ideal-superfluid field $\psi_{M}$ is studied. The structure of the Standard Model is derived in terms of tangle vortex-knots and soliton. Gravity is observed in terms of torsion and curvature in the continuum. In this way, non-linear dynamics and excitations give rise to a unified field theory as well as a \textit{Theory of Everything}. As a result of this unification, spacetime and matter are shown to be fundamentally equivalent, while gauge fields arise from reorientation and excitations of the the fundamental underlying field $\psi_{M}$.