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Unadjusted a analysis from Table 4: Associations between the psychological impact of the COVID-19 crisis and socioeconomic status, highest level of education and working in contact with potentially infected people.

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posted on 29.07.2021, 17:40 by Simon Marmet, Matthias Wicki, Gerhard Gmel, Céline Gachoud, Jean-Bernard Daeppen, Nicolas Bertholet, Joseph Studer

Note: Outcomes were z-standardized, and b represents differences in standard deviations with respect to the reference group. 95%CI = 95% confidence interval of b. a In contrast to Table 4, this analysis was only adjusted for language and age, respectively baseline for consequences measured before and after COVID-19, but not for changes during the COVID-19 crisis (experience of COVID-19 symptoms, COVID-19 symptoms in entourage, changes in employment status, change in workload, call up to military or civil protection unit, percentage of work at home). Coefficients in bold are significant at the p < .05 level.