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Trimetallic PtSnRh Wavy Nanowires as Efficient Nanoelectrocatalysts for Alcohol Electrooxidation

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posted on 15.07.2015, 00:00 authored by Kezhu Jiang, Lingzheng Bu, Pengtang Wang, Shaojun Guo, Xiaoqing Huang
The design and creation of efficient catalysts for alcohol oxidation reaction has attracted great research attention because alcohols are promising fuels for direct fuel cell reactions because of their high energy density, easy storage, and transportation. We herein report an efficient strategy that allows the preparation of ternary PtSnM (M = Co, Ni, and Rh) wavy nanowires (WNWs) with ultrathin diameter of only around 2 nm and tunable compositions in high yield. Detailed catalytic studies show that all the ternary WNWs exhibit high performance for ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR) and methanol oxidation reaction (MOR), and their performance shows interesting composition-dependent electrocatalytic activity with PtSnRh WNWs having the best activity for both EOR and MOR. The PtSnRh WNWs are also more stable than commercial Pt/C catalyst, as revealed by long-time chronoamperometric (CA) measurements. The present work highlights the use of multimetallic WNWs as highly active and durable nanocatalysts in enhancing alcohol electrooxidation, which will open a new way in tuning 1D multimetallic nanostructures for boosting other fuel cell reactions, various heterogeneous reactions, and beyond.