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Total dendrite length during pruning.

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posted on 2020-08-07, 17:43 authored by Yasuko Kitatani, Akane Tezuka, Eri Hasegawa, Satoyoshi Yanagi, Kazuya Togashi, Masato Tsuji, Shu Kondo, Jay Z. Parrish, Kazuo Emoto

Total dendrite length of wild-type control (WT) and miR-87 overexpressing (miR-87 o/e) C4da neurons at white pupa (WP), 12 hours after pupal formation (12 hr APF), and 24 hours after pupal formation (24 hr APF). Note that no obvious difference was observed in dendrite pruning processes between WT and miR-87o/e neurons. Error bars indicate mean ± S.D; n = 15; n.s., not significant (unpaired t-test). Genotypes: WT, ppk-Gal4, UAS-mCD8GFP; miR-87o/e, ppk-GAL4, UAS-mCD8GFP;+/+; UAS-miR-87/+.