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The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Heteropolygonatum ginfushanicum (Asparagaceae) and phylogenetic analysis

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posted on 2021-05-31, 10:20 authored by Li Gu, Ting Su, Guang-Ling Luo, Guo-Xiong Hu

Heteropolygonatum ginfushanicum is an endemic epiphytic herb in China. The complete chloroplast (cp) genome of H. ginfushanicum is reported in this study. The total length of the cp genome is 155,508 bp with a typical quadripartite structure consisting of a large single copy region (LSC) of 84,552 bp and a small single copy region (SSC) of 18,528 bp, separated by a pair of 26,214 bp inverted repeats (IRs). It encodes a total of 113 unique genes, including 79 protein-coding, 30 tRNA, and four rRNA genes. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that H. ginfushanicum is sister to Heteropolygonatum marmoratum within subfamily Nolinoideae.


This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant [31600164], and Construction Program of Biology First-class Discipline in Guizhou under Grant (GNYL [2017] 009).