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The Meso–Cenozoic stratigraphic succession of the Col de Braus area (Maritime Alps, SE France)

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journal contribution
posted on 03.09.2015, 00:00 by Luca Barale, Anna d'Atri, Fabrizio Piana

The 1:10,000 geological map here presented extends over about 32 km2 around the Col de Braus pass in the Maritime Alps (SE France). This area has attracted the attention of geologists since the late eighteenth century due to superb exposures of the Jurassic–Cretaceous Provençal succession, and has become a classic geological locality continuously studied until the present day. In this area, Early Cretaceous synsedimentary tectonics is evidenced by important lateral thickness and facies variations. This sector is presently placed at the western termination of a large structural domain extending from the westernmost Ligurian Alps into the French–Italian Maritime Alps, thus representing a key-area for understanding the structural setting of this part of the Western Alps.